We believe design inspiration can come from anywhere. Please be sure to bring any ideas, photos, fabric, and personal inspiration. See our checklist for fun ways to share what inspires you with us. Be sure not to limit your sources. Bring anything that you love, even if it doesn’t make sense. We’ll help.

Here is a list to help you with this journey:

  • Personal photos can help express your lifestyle you want.
  • Create Pinterest Boards by Room.
  • Design Magazine – clip pictures.
  • Create HOUZZ Ideabooks by rooms.
  • Of course, we want to know your favorite colors.


The very first thing we will do is get to know you. We want to hear your ideas and begin collaboration on creating your home. If you have previously been in for a preview, we will get started right away.  See our checklist for all of the areas to explore.

  • Review your ideas  – your needs, wants, and desires.
  • Review The Woods build packages – siding – exterior stone – electrical – heating and cooling.
  • Entertainment needs – i.e surround sound.
  • Security needs.
  • Any additional custom build areas.
  • Specialty finishing – window treatments.


Now that you have gathered and shared what inspires and toured all of the possibilities within The Woods. It’s time to get started!

  • The floor plan is confirmed and all necessary selections are finalized, the contract is presented with the cost of building your new home.
  • With the new home owner’s signature on a contract  – the build process will begin.
  • A presentation of the process of building your home is given.


  • Once the framing is complete, we will contact you to schedule an electrical walk through to determine your preferences.  
  • If you would like to visit the site,  you must contact Keith Strating, Project Manager, who  will accompany you during your visit.  This is for liability reasons –  it is an active construction site and regulated carefully by OSHA. 


  • Prior to closing, the project realtor will contact you to schedule a pre-closing walkthrough and orientation. During the walkthrough inspection, the final punch list will be noted. Our goal is to complete your punch list prior to closing. The project realtor will review the operation guidelines for the features of your new home.  


  • You should contact the phone company if you want a land-line, electric and gas provider, and cable 2 – 3 weeks prior to closing to take care of setting up service and switching accounts to your name. Most banks schedule an inspection of the house prior to closing.  This inspection should be coordinated with Rinck Real Estate Group.
  • A list of these providers is available for your convenience.
  • The closing on your new home will be coordinated between you and Rinck Real Estate Group.
  • For your convenience, we have prepared a move-in checklist for you to use.




  • If you have any punch list or warranty issues with your new home, please always be sure to contact our office right away in writing or via email.  This helps to make sure we have a record and can make sure the work is completed to your satisfaction.  
  • Once your punch list is finished, please start a new list of items, such as nail pops or stress cracks to be addressed at the one-year visit. We will visit your new home, review your list, and make arrangements to have the work completed.